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Chemistry as a subject is an important part of education in natural sciences. Its aim is to render permanent and useful knowledge, the love of the environment, and to create the foundation for further studies in chemistry at a higher level.

Chemistry study books contain scientifically founded up-to-date knowledge, with the help of which students may get to know and understand the material world surrounding them and its changes.
This way they become able to be part of our everyday life, and to be able to handle and use different chemicals which have significant biological effects and require a high level of expertise.

With their content, illustrations and construction the study books create the conditions for students to acquire knowledge and the right perspective for sciences in the least difficult way.

Relatively short study units, several experiments, the aesthetic quality, the high standard of illustrations, the applied signs and the clear construction all serve the previously mentioned purpose.

There are several photographs, drawings, tables and some authentic texts as well. All these serve the purpose of the formation of a better visual aspect for the learning process.
The texts which vary in their content and function are clearly separated. The size and width of the letters, the occasionally occurring colour layers all make it possible to serve different purposes and fulfil different study requirements. Questions, supporting readings, interesting phenomena and revisions are all marked with different colours. There is a rich variety of pictures contain the photographs of all the experiments to be introduced in the course of teaching. If the phases of chemical changes are significant, the authors illustrate them with series of pictures.

When working on the different topics the writers used every possible means to introduce chemistry with all its beauty, values and interesting aspects, and make the subject attractive and appreciated.

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