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Colourful Mathematics 11. Az MS-2311 Sokszínű matematika 11. c. kötet angol nyelvű változata MS-6311
11. évfolyam, 2. kiadás (2017. 08. 16.)
Ingyenes, online hozzáférés a kiadvány digitális változatához, interaktív extra tartalmakkal.
kód: MS-6311
ára: 4 980 Ft
ára osztálykedvezménnyel: 3 984 Ft (15 db felett)
méret: B5, 296 oldal
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A kiadvány az MS-2311 Sokszínű matematika 11. c. kötet angol nyelvű változata. This book is the English version of the Hungarian market leader textbook titled Sokszínű matematika 11.
Combinatorics, graphs10
1. Fibonacci numbers10
2. Permutations, variations .13
3. Combinations without repetition, Pascal's triangle20
4. Binomial coefficients, combination with repetition28
5. Miscellaneous counting exercises (extra-curricular topic)34
6. GRAPHS - points, edges, degree38
7. GRAPHS - path, trail, walk, cycle, Eulerian trail (extra-curricular topic)48
8. Tree graphs (extra-curricular topic)57
9. Practical applications of combinatorics63
Powers, roots, logarithms66
1. Exponentiation and computing the roots (reminder)66
2. Power functions and root functions71
3. Power with fractional (rational) exponent74
4. Power with irrational exponent, exponential function80
5. Exponential equations, simultaneous exponential equations and exponential inequalities85
6. The concept of the logarithm92
7. The logarithm function98
8. The logarithmic identities102
9. Logarithmic equations, simultaneous logarithmic equations and logarithmic inequalities .107
10. Practical applications115
Applications of trigonometry120
1. Vector operations, applications (reminder)120
2. The dot product125
3. Dot product in the coordinate system130
4. The sine rule134
5. The cosine rule139
6. Applications of the trigonometric relations143
7. Addition formulae147
8. Applications of the addition formulae150
9. Trigonometric equations, inequalities156
10. The application of trigonometry for positioning163
1. The exponential and the logarithm function166
2. Equations and functions170
3. Trigonometric functions172
4. Trigonometric equations, inequalities (extra-curricular topic)176
5. Miscellaneous exercises (extra-curricular topic)181
6. Inverse functions (extra-curricular topic)186
7. A practical application of the functions189
Coordinate geometry192
1. Vectors in the coordinate system. Operations with vectors given with coordinates (reminder)192
2. The distance between two points. The angle of inclination of two vectors195
3. The coordinates of the point of division of a line segment. The coordinates of the centroid of a triangle198
4. Data defining a straight line in the coordinate system204
5. The equation of a straight line I.212
6. The equation of a straight line II.215
7. The intersection point, the distance and the angle of inclination of two straight lines219
8. The equation of a circle225
9. The mutual position of a circle and a straight line; the common points of two circles233
10. The equation of a parabola244
11. The parabola and the quadratic function (extra-curricular topic)250
12. Conic sections and their equations in the coordinate system (extra-curricular topic)253
13. Two practical applications of coordinate geometry258
Calculation of probability, statistics264
1. Classical probability model264
2. Sampling with replacement273
3. Sampling without replacement (extra-curricular topic)280
4. Probabilistic games on graphs (extra-curricular topic)286
5. Reality and statistics293
A kiadvány bevezetője
Guide to use the course book.
The notations and highlights used in the book help with acquiring the courseware. - The train of thought of the worked examples show samples how to understand the methods and processes and how to solve the subsequent exercises. - The most important definitions and theorems are denoted by colourful highlights. - The parts of the courseware in small print and the worked examples noted in claret colour help with deeper understanding of the courseware. These pieces of knowledge are necessary for the higher level of graduation. - Figures, the key points of the given lesson, review and explanatory parts along with interesting facts of the history of mathematics can be found on the margin. The difficulty level of the examples and the appointed exercises is denoted by three different colours: Yellow: drilling exercises with basic level difficulty; the solution and drilling of these exercises is essential for the progress. Blue: exercises the difficulty of which corresponds to the intermediate level of graduation. Claret: problems and exercises that help with preparing for the higher level of graduation. These colour codes correspond to the notations used in the Colourful mathematics workbooks of Mozaik Education. The workbook series contains more than 3000 exercises which are suitable for drilling, working on in lessons and which help with preparing for the graduation. The end results of the appointed exercises can be found on the following website: Website offers more help material for processing with the course book.

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