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This four-book geography series - Science - Our Immediate Surroundings for 5th and 6th grade and Geography - Continents beyond Europe and Geography of Europe for 7th and 8th grade - provides learners with a comprehensive view of environment, its phenomena and their interdependence, exploring key issues through observation and demonstration.

Carefully planned problem-solving activities help deal with difficult concepts and create interest. Colour illustrations, charts and tables organise the material and help further understanding. The supplementary readings and glossary encourage self-study and offer suggestions for more practical application of ideas. Both the style and choice of material are designed to suit learners in their early teens.

The geography books of the book series entitled Science for Teenagers have the same units as other members of the series. The book applies improved and elaborate didactic methods so that students may fit their knowledge in an already existing frame.

The compulsory material is well separated from the other texts, and at the same time the books offer material to those students who wish to process the material more thoroughly and more comprehensively. The tables and charts make complex analysis of interrelationships possible and this way teachers get ample material for the versatile processing of the material. The rich colourful pictures, reading texts and historical overviews are just light readings and make the study book an exciting one. The test questions at the end of each lesson and chapter make studying more easy as well as the appendix with statistical data and the lexicon explaining unknown concepts and foreign words.

The workbook which belongs to the geography study book of 7th and 8th grade helps deepen the knowledge acquired from the study book. They also make it possible both for teachers and students to see what the level of the acquired knowledge is.

The Earth We Live On
Science for Teenagers. Physics
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Science for Teenagers. Geography
Science for Teenagers. Biology and health

Science for Teenagers - Geography 7. p. 72-73.

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