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Biology and health

The Biology and health textbook for 7th grade builds on the Science - Our Immediate Surroundings textbook for 5th and 6th grade, all emphasising the social and economic perspective on the issues of health and environment. The teaching material is logically and carefully graded from simple to complex, from less to more familiar, from specific to more general. The Small Illustrated Lexicon supplements the textbooks with interesting facts, practical advice and applications. A wide range of research tasks provides opportunities for group work in class.

The Science - Our Immediate Surroundings textbook for 5th and 6th grade is an introduction to knowledge about his immediate environment, including fruits and vegetables, household and farm animals as well as problems of adolescence and how to cope with them.
One of the most inspiring and colourful textbook of the series is Biology and health for 7th grade, which introduces pupils to forms and typologies of wildlife in Hungary and other, more distant lands. It stresses the importance of environment protection for the survival of animal life and dangers that face animal species. Various examples inspire pupils to take action for the protection of their environment.
The textbook for 8th grade introduces pupils to the structure and functioning of the human body, stressing the importance of proper nutrition to prevent ill health. A variety of real life examples and advice help develop appropriate life style and habits.
The teaching material, designed in lesson units, follows a carefully graded syllabus, adaptable to the varying needs of different students. Text, illustrations and pictures complement each other and help students focus on addressed topics and promote better understanding. The textbooks are praised to be course books to teach and learn from.

The series Science for Teenagers have been awarded the Golden Award of the International Exhibition of Didactics, "HUNDIDAC", the Booker Prize of the International Book Festival and the award "Szép magyar könyv" ("Beautiful Hungarian Book") as well.

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